Ken Salvail

Salvail: Tree growth depends on nutrients, micro-climate

The amount a plant grows is partly due to its genetic back ground and partly due to its location and environmental conditions.

Salvail: Wonders of science feed growth underground

Nitrogen is the primary nutrient responsible for that deep green colour in foliage and for vigorous plant growth.

Salvail: Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh as a daisy

Unlike cut flowers, Christmas trees need hot water, especially when first set up—the hotter the better.

Salvail: Plenty of gardening activities to do in the winter

People let their own gardening go dormant for the winter when there are lots of great garden related things you can do.

Salvail: Open doors to the garden for children

A sad fact is that most of the people working in the horticultural industry have little to no real knowledge of it.

Salvail: Plants more greedy for water at times in their growing cycle

Start reducing the water in your irrigation systems in about mid-September not by duration but by frequency.

Salvail: Fall into garden cleanup mode

Experienced gardeners know that doing the majority of garden cleanup before winter is best.

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