Jim Taylor

Taylor: Invisible security shield

Driving through downtown Vancouver recently, steady rain turned the roads into pools of shiny blackness.

Growing up adopted

When I read the familiar Nativity stories in the Bible, I find…

The origins of God

Okay, so about 4.5 billion years ago, there was nothing. And then,…

Wholeness and holons

Funerals, like sneezes, tend to come in groups. We had a rash of funerals in our community this last year.

Keeping track of time

This weekend, we switch from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time. The sunset that used to happen at 6:00 p.m. will now happen at 5:00 p.m.

Mental mazes

Consider this brain-twister: “The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.”

Thanks for being who I am

Thanksgiving rituals tend to focus on what we have – stuffed turkeys, stuffed families, and houses stuffed with stuff.

Not so bad once your in

Since I was in the neighbourhood, I thought I’d take the dog up Silver Star mountain for a hike.

Bypassing the intellect

As I age, more of my cherished myths implode.

Irrevocable acts

I don’t often comment on the news in this column. But a recent news item caught my eye.

Charlie the Chicken

A weekly column from Jim Taylor

A cup of cold water

A weekly column by Jim Taylor

Deep roots

I dug a maple stump out of my front lawn. Not a particularly huge stump. We had planted the tree when we moved to this house in 1993, so it was only 18 years old. But it acquired an incurable fungus infection. This spring, no leaves came out. The tree had to come down.

Upside down symbolism

Life and Faith: A weekly column by Jim Taylor.

If you were God for a day…

Pessimism is not the opposite of optimism. Both optimism and pessimism are the opposite of apathy.

Universal empathy

 Our seven-year-old granddaughter Katherine broke her arm last month. She was playing…

…In mysterious ways

By Jim TaylorNorthern Alberta is in flames. Southern Manitoba is under water.…

Local connection to Bolivian women

Bev Edwards Sawatzky was supposed to be recuperating from a thyroid operation…

The foundation of all laws

An American correspondent vented about the National Rifle Association’s mantra – “Guns…

Ceramics find new home

Lake Country has become the new home of a ceramics collection that,…