Jim Taylor

Taylor: Hate letter writers prefer to hide behind anonymity

The mentally handicapped deserve protection under the Criminal Code.

Taylor: Public takes priority over a client

It seems to me that publishers…have an obligation to stand behind what they distribute.

Taylor: Public takes priority over a client

Publishers—of newspapers, magazines, books, or broadcasting stations—have an obligation to stand behind what they distribute.

Taylor: Remembering to remember

We need anniversaries to remind ourselves that it’s important to keep remembering.

Taylor: The picture tells you your story

Photographer David Duchemin says that the test of a good photograph is…the story it tells.

Taylor: Different definitions of what love means

I’ve spent most of my life taking for granted the Greek definitions of love. But now I think that the Greek distinctions aren’t perfect.

Taylor: Paying people to attend church

If paid parishioners took their task seriously, I would think they’d sell themselves on the value of belonging.

Taylor: How do you define a community?

Anne Land knew everyone by name and responded brightly to the congratulations she received.

Taylor: Culture of fear a cancer on our society

We’re so immersed in fear that we’re afraid of living without it.

Taylor: Connections that bind us together

That notion of invisible connections between people helps me make sense of grief.

Taylor: The power of misleading metaphors

Presumably Humpty didn’t have an orthopedic surgeon available. I did and he put my elbow back together.

Taylor: The case for moral mentoring

Our society delights in creating rules. Yet most of what we learn, we learn from others.

Taylor: Does a bionic elbow make me more, or less?

My bionic elbow's titanium joints will stay shiny and flexible for hundreds of years after the rest of me has returned to dust.

Taylor: The merits of modern translation

Translations strive to get across writer’s intended meaning.

Taylor: De-cluttering our mental bulletin boards

The whole bulletin board became a bewildering chaos. Nothing stood out.

Taylor: Quick test for good and bad

You can’t legislate good. Or goodness, if you prefer. You can only legislate against badness.

Taylor: Hidden codes in my operating system

If MIT’s massively protected archives can get hacked by unauthorized users, no one’s computer is safe.

Taylor: Miracles are for those who have faith in them

I tend to be sceptical about miracle cures. About anything miraculous, in fact.

Taylor: Waiting for a birth

In the Christian church, this is the Season of Advent—a time of waiting for something that hasn’t happened yet.

Taylor: The clergy’s hot-line to God

The minister repeated all the concerns in his prayer… After I asked, “Didn’t God hear, when the people said it themselves?”