Jim Taylor

Taylor: Keeping our proper place

Perhaps classroom-style seating is intended to discourage questioning, discussing, sharing. Just be good…and do as you’re told

Yola hems together knitted squares.

Lake Country woman is changing lives 10,000 km away

So far nearly $600,000 has gone to help lift 45 Bolivian families out of poverty due to their knitting skills.

Yola hems together knitted squares.

Taylor: Relationships we build

Connection with lost friend feels like a resurrection.

Taylor: If trees could speak

The trees talked about the joy they felt as children scrambled over their roots and swung from their branches.

Taylor: Things we never knew we’d learned

I refuse to believe in a God who deliberately causes landslides. But I cannot rid myself of the notion that Something influences my life.

Taylor: The test of any demagogue

…it’s hard to disagree with someone’s personal experience. I may question someone’s opinions; I can’t question her experience.

Taylor: A column all about nothing

There is no such thing as nothing. Because if there was such a thing as nothing, it wouldn’t be nothing, would it?

Taylor: The naked woman on an altar

I’m not bothered by the nudity…I am offended by individuals—male or female—claiming to be God.

Taylor: A time to step forward boldly

When you walk…you lean forward; you start to fall; you swing that second foot forward to stop yourself from falling.

Taylor: In the clear and holy darkness

I like the darkness of winter evenings. When I take my dog out for a walk, the stars glitter with a burnished brightness.

Taylor: Let your light shine

Different worlds of understanding can see their own way.

Taylor: Look for the person, not for the star

His reality doesn’t depend on a date-stamped birth certificate nor on DNA profiles.

Taylor: One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anything

Complex issues demand complex resolutions. One-size solutions just don't cut it.

Taylor: Reading the characters in a nasty play

Tell-tale signs come from lead actors in the Senate.

Taylor: Putting distance between us

Advancing technology seems to distance us from one another.

Taylor: The dangers of getting too comfortable

Unlike trout, we can consider the culture we live in with a critical eye.

Taylor: Encountering things we cannot believe

Watching crows, I cannot believe that they do not have some form of telepathic communication.

Taylor: The decline and fall of almost everything

Once a mining boom town, Sandon reminds me of the mainline churches in the 1950s and early ’60s.

Taylor: A twist on the laws of discourse

Last ditch argument should spell defeat for the one who resorts to it.

Taylor: The poignant pleasures of last times

The realization these were the last set of tires I will buy lent a slightly different flavour to the transaction.