Jim Taylor

Taylor: Healing that follows disasters

Boundless ways Earth takes care of herself, even through unnatural disasters

Taylor: Rivers flow down to the sea

Customs intuitively recognize that all rivers ultimately flow to the sea from which all living things originally came.

Taylor: Seeking alternate routes to truth

I suppose I take a scientific approach to religion. I’m not willing to follow blindly in the footsteps of Augustine or…Teilhard de Chardin.

Taylor: The eighth deadly sin

Opposites to classic deadly sins not such great attributes either.

Taylor: Growing at the ends and edges

Like a tree, our growth comes from reaching beyond

Taylor: Truth is a moving target

…the holders of a fragment of truth become so fixated on what they are absolutely sure of that they lose sight of the horizon.

Taylor: Yes, we believe in yesterday

In some ways, my student years were the best years of my life. But I wouldn’t want to go back to that time.

Taylor: Keeping it in the family

The line would make a great rapid transit link between Vernon and Kelowna. It would make an even better recreation trail.

Taylor: Controlling our thoughts

Thoughts lead to words which lead to life-long beliefs and prejudices.

Taylor: Abstract principles in real life

Would you save your sweetheart if it meant going to jail?

Taylor: Turning ‘to do’ lists into prayers

Pray to let your worries rest in peace until the morning.

Taylor: Weeding as meditation

There’s a sense of power, in organizing a garden. Also a sense of humility, in knowing that nothing I can do will make a seed germinate.

Taylor: Where does the real Bible start?

I wonder, sometimes, what would happen if, instead of prefacing our correspondence with wordy introductions, we cut to the point?

Taylor: Cutting through comfortable assumptions

I know a couple of people for whom heaven…would consist of endless Formula One Grand Prix racing.

Taylor: Moments of absolute clarity

Cherish the fleeting glimmer of clarity called intuition.

Taylor: What we know, and don’t know yet

How, in fact, do we know anything?…And yet I also know that almost everything I know will probably turn out to be wrong.

Taylor: The challenge of being different

Extraordinary times are when it may be most beneficial to go against the flow.

Taylor: Many ways to communicate

I wonder how many ways we have of communicating with each other.

Taylor: The perils of playing it safe

There was this rock star, see, who learned that playing it safe is the only sure way to lose.

Taylor: No past, no future–there’s only now

The past has gone; the future hasn’t happened yet. There is only now to live in.