Jim Taylor

Taylor: Just a breath away

Past and future butt together, separated only by a breath

Taylor: Imaginary climate of fear

Television gives us a hugely distorted view of reality. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize how distorted that view is.

Taylor: Nothing ever stands still

Evolution is going on all around us, even if some deny it.

Taylor: Towards an integrated faith

Theologian Sanguin comes to Creekside Theatre March 13, followed the next day by a workshop at the Winfield United Church.

Taylor: To all my relations…

Kinship has a strong pull on all of us and shows itself in surprising ways.

Taylor: The joys of being invisible

Questioning is the hallmark of the open-minded Christian.

Taylor: Humour has bitter edges

Look around the room: Someone won’t be laughing at your hilarious joke.

Taylor: Swearing off upward mobility

Moving ever upward is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Taylor: The milk of human kindness goes sour

Email or envelope pleas from charities go unopened.

Taylor: Hanging onto imaginary ropes

We’re tied to beliefs with little–or no–foundation.

Taylor: Who owns the stars?

Our place amongst the angels is a matter of interpretation.

Taylor: You don’t have to believe it all

Neither science nor the Bible should remain unquestioned.

Taylor: The real test of democracy

Democracy’s more about the turfing out the known, bringing in hope for something better.

Taylor: Lessons learned from the lazy goose

Even geese take turns at the front of the formation. At least, biologists say that they do.

Taylor: Like manna from Heaven

“You told us we were escaping from bondage." Now we are all free to get into debt up to our ears.

Taylor: Science and the Bible

Science acknowledges and corrects its errors; believers not so much

Organizers hoping Internet contest can help raise funds for new food bank

Update on plans to build new food bank building as Aviva contest set to open

Taylor: ‘To love, and be loved in return’

I look, sometimes, at unlikely couples. I wonder what she sees in him, what he sees in her.

Taylor: Manipulative messenger zeros in on the mark

Manipulation goes all the way to the pulpit with 'guilt trip' sermons.

Taylor: Age old prejudices die hard

Words can create social ghettos, walls are not required.