Gwen Steele

Steele: Seasonal changes make gardening a delight

I always look forward to the quieter time of reading and making plans for next gardening season.

Steele: Build a ‘lasagne garden’ by layering compost materials

Although most often made to create a vegetable bed, the lasagne garden can be used to grow almost anything.

Steele: Colourful, fall blooming xeriscape plants at H2O

While autumn officially began Sept. 22, with any luck we will have another month to enjoy fall colours in the garden.

Steele: Lawn alternative fends off deer

Many gardeners in the Okanagan have visits from deer, often with distressing results when prize plants become tasty forage.

Steele: Replace lawn with shrubbery

An interesting ‘secret garden’ can be made with meandering pathways through large shrubs and small trees to a secluded sitting area.

Steele: Replace your lawn with Okanagan native plants

Find areas in the wild that have similar conditions to your garden and see what is growing there.

Steele: Alternatives to a grass garden

For fast-draining, sandy soil, adding organic matter is important to increase nutrients and retain moisture.

Steele: Summerland research farm/gardens celebrate centennial

The Okanagan celebration was modelled on the historic farm picnics which happened annually from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Steele: Centennial celebration for Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Capital News columnist says ornamental gardens hold a special place in her life.

Steele: Learn to be more water-wise, in Kelowna

A few easy maintenance tips will give you optimum performance from your water-wise plants.

Steele: Happy xeriscape garden convert

"I sold my lawn mower and weed eater. I disconnected the irrigation system…and all the rest is reduced flow or drip irrigated."

Steele: Very drought tolerant garden bulbs

Ornamental onions are excellent water-wise, deer-proof plants says Capital News gardening columnist Gwen Steele.

Steele: Mulch helps gardeners conserve water

Mulch acts as a blanket, holding in moisture and reducing weed growth. It prevents a hard crust from forming on the soil surface.

Steele: Website offers plant options

Use the Okanagan Xeriscape Association plant database at

Steele: Library to host free xeriscape forum

Amazingly, there were already about 35 plant species blooming around Kelowna and in the Okanagan.

Steele: Gardening tips offered at unH2O gardens May 17

Learn attributes of plants that are in bloom in the five theme gardens and a few tips on plant maintenance.

Steele: Some timely tips for putting plants in the ground

The following is information I put together years ago for my nursery customers and now use for my classes.

Steele: Enjoying Okanagan’s natural beauty

April 22 is Earth Day, a perfect time in Kelowna to reflect on how best we can be stewards of this land for future generations.

Steele: Planting ornamental grasses

This week is about ornamental grasses and long-blooming, pollinator plants.

Steele: Adapting to water restrictions

Water restrictions are likely to be the norm every summer from now on.