Graham Gillies

Physio: Ramping up your running increases injury risk

The classic mistake is doing too much too soon…The second potential cause for injury is technique.

Physio: Shoulder pain needs attention early on

Sitting for a large portion of your day often leads to very weak shoulder blade muscles.

How can IMS help get rid of your chronic pain?

It is estimated that over one third of the adult population in North America suffers from chronic pain.

Physio: Dealing with pain through acupuncture vs intramuscular stimulation

Statistically it is very likely that you, or someone you know, is putting up with some sort of long-term pain.

Physiotherapist: There’s that darn pain in the neck

By far one of the most common injuries that I treat in our clinic is a stiff and painful neck.

Ski season just around the corner

The snow is starting to fall up in the mountains and the crisp mornings are telling us that winter is almost upon us.

Experiencing knee pain

A bi-weekly column from Sun City Physiotherapy

Shoulder pain

Have you awoken at night in pain while lying on a shoulder?…

I have shoulder pain and I didn’t do anything

By Graham GilliesOne of the more confusing types of pains is when…