Don Burnett

Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Garden Show.

Burnett: Plan for more frost but book spring UK garden tour

I’ve potted up any non-winter hardy plant worth saving so I have the option of taking them indoors when frost is expected.

Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Garden Show.

Burnett: Late summer weather great for gardens, gardeners alike

Here in the Okanagan we are entering one of the best gardening seasons of the year.

Hydrangea arboresens ‘Annabelle

Burnett: Gardening advice on how to prune hydrangeas

So often I am asked how to prune hydrangeas and my answer always begins with what type of hydrangea are we dealing with.

Hydrangea arboresens ‘Annabelle

Burnett: Budget in some real top soil

‘Pocket planting’ is where a hole is dug a few inches larger than the root ball of the plant…and a little bit of soil is placed in it.

Burnett: Garden show celebrates local gardening and history

The Kelowna Garden Club was established in 1924, believed to be one of the oldest established clubs of its kind in our province.

Burnett: ream holiday to the UK for avid gardeners

I have to tell you they sure know how to put on a show over there in the United Kingdom.

Burnett: Colourful blossoms abundant around Okanagan

As we drive around the Okanagan at this time of year there is certainly no shortage of colour.

Burnett: Popular activity accessible to everyone

At first, gardening as we know it was reserved for the wealthy…today, people at all levels of economic status garden for fun and food.

Burnett: Old fashioned, healthier ways to store good food

Preserve local food at reasonable prices or home grow your food for less to enjoy all winter long.

Burnett: Space filling up for gardening vacation

Fall colours phenomenon happens when the temperature gradually drops…yet doesn’t get to the freezing level.

Burnett: Change comes to gardens quickly

Preferences change in gardens as the choice in plants blossoms.

Burnett: Think about spring bulbs now

Get your spring bulbs in as early as possible to allow for a nice long cool rooting-in period.

Burnett: Old phone is like an old friend for columnist

In this hectic world, where everything is in fast motion…gardening is still the same medicine it has been for centuries.

Burnett: Annual flower show at Guisachan Heritage Gardens

This is one of my favourite events of the year when gardeners of all ages share their experiences.

Burnett: Have fun and respect our woodlands at the same time

I think some education is needed so folk can still have fun and respect the environment at the same time.

Burnett: A grand lady has left us

In 2008 Katie came with us on our trip to Seattle…she was quite a celebrity and I know she enjoyed the whole trip.

Burnett: Propagating plants in the winter

In the past couple of years I got the “bug” again and dabbled in growing my own seedlings.

Burnett: Get back to an Okanagan grown Christmas tree

British Columbia has a large Christmas tree industry with some grown right here in the Okanagan Valley.

Burnett: Mixed success for B.C. emblem in Okanagan

While the magnolias were spectacular this spring, they have been outdone by the dogwoods this year.

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