Distracted drivers a concern for police officers

RCMP report some motorists are using phones, putting on makeup and reading books

  • Mon May 7th, 2012 7:00pm
  • News

Cst. Kris Clark is concerned about people being distracted while driving.

Many motorists are not keeping their eyes on the road.

Central Okanagan Traffic Services and the Integrated Road Safety Unit are looking for any driver that takes their attention away from the road.

“That includes texting while driving, talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving, putting on makeup while driving and reading a newspaper or book while driving,” said Cst. Kris Clark, RCMP spokesperson.

“Roadways are very dynamic environments with situations and circumstances that can change quickly. By taking your eyes off of the road for even a moment, you increase the chance of a collision.”

The fine for using an electronic device without hands-free while driving is $167. Motorists caught texting or e-mailing may receive three driver penalty points in addition to the fine.

“There are no messages or conversations that are so important that you need to put lives at risk,” said Staff Sgt. Al Dengis, with COTS.

“If you need to make a phone call on a cell phone or check e-mail, I suggest you use a hands-free device, or pull your vehicle over.”