Compensation figures for Lake Country council revealed

Figures also details salaries for staffing earning more than $75,000 annually

Mayor James Baker had $26

Lake Country politicians are defending their compensation.

The district has released financial information for 2011 including how much council members were paid for their duties.

“We’re not high and we’re not low,” said Mayor James Baker.

“For the size of community and the growth we have, we are where we should be. We’re not looking at increasing it.”

In 2011, Baker had taxable remuneration of $26,090, a non-taxable allowance of $13,045 and expenses of $10,294.

In terms of current councillors, Lisa Cameron, Owen Dickie and Rob Geier had taxable remuneration and non-taxable allowance of $1,032 and expenses of $264. Penny Gambell had remuneration (taxable and non-taxable) of $15,369 and expenses of $2,327, while it was $15,369 in remuneration for Barb Leamont and $1,073 for expenses. For Jamie McEwan, there was $1,032 in remuneration and $876 in expenses.

For former councillors, there was $14,437 in total for Noreen Guenther, Geoff Greenwell, Alice Rees and Bill Scarrow. In terms of expenses, there was $7,528 for Greenwell, $3,006 for Guenther, $3,075 for Rees and $3,818 for Scarrow.

Financial information has also been released for district staff.

There were 15 employees who earned more than $75,0000 in 2011 including chief administrative officer Alberto De Feo at $145,532and chief financial officer Stephen Banmen at $130,118.

“We need a price competitive with other communities,” said Baker of the need to attract employees with the education and experience necessary for the municipality.