Beasley Park gets funding

Beasley Park Soccer Field received a big boost from the provincial government over the weekend.

Beasley Park Soccer Field received a big boost from the provincial government over the weekend.

All the local politicians were on hand to herald the arrival of $400,000 to upgrade the Community Centre at Beasley and add new lighting to the fields.

Up to 21,500 people use Beasley Park and the community centre each year. The community centre was originally built with public donations and volunteer time and after years of heavy use it is due for an upgrade.

The renovation of the centre will see a new multi-use deck of approximately 1,840 square feet, new wood floors, fitness system mounting, a toilet room, upgraded interior lighting, relocated sound system and renovated showers and washroom facilities.

The upgrades will be enjoyed by a wide cross section of people from the community, said Lake Country Mayor James Baker.

“At the club house there are weddings, parties, and gatherings by social groups.  We rent out the facility because it has a kitchen, it generates revenue,” Baker said.

The night lights for the soccer pitches will be welcomed by sports teams from around the region. The province views the upgraded lights as a prudent investment in extending usage, rather than the much higher cost constructing of new facilities.

“Both the upgraded community centre and soccer fields will be put to great use,” said Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick. “I know groups like the Lake Country Youth Soccer Association will be pleased with the project. Bigger isn’t always better, but Beasley Park is about to be both.”

The provincial portion of the money is from a pool of $30 million in the Community Recreation Program going to 98 projects across the province to help build healthier communities.

The District of Lake Country was awarded the full grant it had requested from the provincial. In addition, the district is spending $100,000 from its own general revenue on the project. “The money is worth it as we got 20 cent dollars for our contribution,” said Baker.

“Plus the project is a big fit in our recreation plans for the district…it is important to have opportunities for recreation for everyone in Lake Country.”