Shayla Hall plays Reno Sweeney and Graham Neilson-Welch plays Moonface in Okanagan Mission Secondary’s production Anything Goes which wrapped up in March. - Image Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Students perform for school board

Actors from Anything Goes gave the school board a taste of their performances

The Central Okanagan school board enjoyed a sample performance of Anything Goes, during Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Shayla Hall, a Grade 12 student at Okanagan Mission Secondary, played Reno Sweeney whose character she describes as cocky.

“She’s so different than who I am. I don’t like being cocky, but once you really commit it’s so much fun,” said Hall.

In Grade 8 she tried out for a role and has been acting every since. She plans to continue acting after high school.

Grade 10 student at OKM Graham Neilson-Welch plays Moonface.

“I watch a lot of 50s type movies. I get inspired by those characters,” he said.

The actors performed a duet called Friendship for the board.

Anything Goes sold out every performance and ended a few weeks ago.

The production had two full casts with around 40 students.

Artist director Ryan Grenier said the show was cast in September with performances in February.

The play is predominantly student driven, with students working behind the scenes and developing props.

“It’s an opportunity to find themselves, to find confidence,” said Grenier.

Anything Goes is part of OKM Triple Threat Theatre Company.

The Mission MainStage Theatre Company will be doing Shakespeare in Hollywood in late April and early May.